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Lightbringer: The works of Catherine del Valle

1. Paintings for sale will be marked as such in the description. Prints will also be made available soon subject to requests. Reservations will be strictly processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Email time stamps will be used as basis. 

2. To buy a painting, please fill out the RESERVATION FORM below to signify your intent to buy.

3. A representative will contact you within 24 HOURS to give you more details. 

4. Reserved items will have to be paid within 2 DAYS from reservation. 

5. Reserved items not paid for in 2 days will automatically be re opened for sale or offered to the next buyer who emailed their intent. 

6. Paid works will be sent to local buyers within 3 - 4 weeks . S/H fee of P300 will be required for deliveries within Metro Manila.

7. S/H abroad will be quoted on a case to case basis. 

8. We will have a no return policy for all the works sold except for prints (on a case to case basis).

9. Should there be an opportunity to hold this exhibit on-site in the future, we would like to request that you allow your artworks to be loaned to the exhibit organizers. This will be subject to terms & conditions mutually agreed upon at a future date. 

10. For more questions, you may contact us directly at

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