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Be a lightbringer. This is what Catoy wanted to be to other people. She said as much to a few of her closest friends. It is only fitting that one of her legacies is through an art form that deals so much with color and light. 

This exhibit is a definitive collection of her art from her early works to 2020. There were years (late 90s to the early 2000s) that she did very few pieces. Eventually though, her passion for painting found it's way back and through the 2010s to this year she found solace, self-expression, and joy once again  in her art. 

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Works available for sale will be marked as such. Links to the reservation form are in each gallery if you wish to purchase a painting or make a reservation. 

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LIGHTBRINGER : The works of Catoy del Valle

Catoy’s watercolor style was developed by learning from some of the foremost contemporary artists in the country like Lito Ballaran, Iris Babao-Uy, Dino Pajao, and world-renowned masters such as Indian artist Prafull Sawant, Japanese watercolorist Yuko Nagayama, Jason Yeoh from Singapore and Europe’s Alvaro Castagnet. Some of them became friends whom she admired and eventually became friends who equally loved and adored her. 

Catoy loved to paint the water and the sky. Her skies were always brilliantly colored - as if to remind us that a glorious heaven is always there, watching over us, and filling our lives with hope.  

One of her favorite themes were still boats on calm waters. The boats, always balanced and steady, while the water is unperturbed reflecting the tucked sails, the tall masts, and the solid structures of the vessels.  Perhaps a desire or a reminder to herself to be still and steady to find the serenity around us.

Her paintings of snow are reminiscences of her time in Nagano. Fallen snow on bare trees against a pristine white snowscape with an almost a nostalgic black and white filter - portraying quiet and tranquility.

‘Bordeaux’ was her favorite color and a staple hue in her landscapes. She would describe this as a deep reddish-purple, so rich and velvety, matching her own passionate and fiery nature. Who can forget her intense and frenzied laughter?  And the energy she pours when she commits to her work, to her paintings, and her friends.  

She also painted those that she loved most - her family, friends, and her cats. Whimsical and spontaneous, she loved to paint those that were dear to her.

There are no pretensions in Catoy’s art.  Her art is deliberate and sure. Just as we remember her, and her comforting words: true, honest, straight forward but kind and reassuring.

It takes a special sensitivity in an artist to paint light. In watercolor, every artist is careful to ‘preserve the white’ of the paper. But the key to a luminous painting is the careful manipulation of the dark tones.

This is the task of the Lightbringer, to help us preserve the light by teaching us to see the full spectrum and to boldly embrace the darkness as well.

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Truck 2013

"Cats wasn't just a good person, she was the best, lifting everyone's spirit in difficult times. She was never prejudiced, and she encouraged everyone to do their best.

Cats was a genuine and sensitive artist. She wanted to spread her artistic insights through love and hope."

Joemarie Sanclaria Chua

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"Cats paints with her soul. She communicates a certain purpose in her works.. often exploring the "why" instead of the "what"."

Sarah Liuson Ongsun

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Catoy's works re-imagined with a little VFX.

If you're on a mobile device, play the videos and click the lower right hand corner [   ] to view full screen

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"Whenever i speak to Cats, im always reminded of me taking care of dino - us together. Because Cats sees togetherness as strength. She will always be an angel."

Ethel Rida-Pajao

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Catoy passed away on the 5th of June this year. She was an artist who was adept at expressing herself through her art. However, her true gift was filling the world of others with color through her charming presence and infectious laughter. Get a glimpse of Catoy through some of her Facebook posts. Snapshots in time of a vibrant life well-lived.

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Catoy served as a member of the music ministry of the St Alphosus Mary de Liguori parish in Magallanes these past several years. Fellow choir-mate Missy Sanare-Reyes invited her to create a painting of the church to be included as the inside cover of the coffee table book Art for the Soul which was published to celebrate the 50 years of the parish in 2019. Catoy gifted this piece to another member of the music ministry Raisa Machado and husband Francisco on the occasion of their wedding. It is now an iconic image of this beautiful church which also appears in the parish website and social media page. 

She is seen here with Msgr. Matt Claro Garcia, the parish priest, and Fr. Lorenzo Ruggiero the parish vicar.

" The coffee table book project producers asked for artworks to be put in the book. So they commissioned some portraits of the previous priests etc. So I asked Cats to please make a water color of the church for the inside cover of the book—she hesitated becuse she doesn’t do architectural paintings. But her teacher helped and guided her and now it is the iconic image that is used on everything!"

Missy Senares Reyes

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